Additional Services

Policy, Research, Evaluation and Training

Geographical Information Systems Project Experience Development policy research, evaluations and training are critical to informing the establishment and implementation of effective development policies, strategies and programmes. This is especially true where policy and implementation environments are dynamic, which is characteristic of many developing countries.

SMMMS has significant experience in the fields of municipal infrastructure financing and development, low-income housing policy, and financial models, sustainable human settlement and water services policies and their implementation, basic services cost recovery and issues related to mortgage repayment by low-income clients.


There is frequently a lack of data which is required to support project development and/or design. SMMMS has a strong record in research and data collection and can work rapidly and accurately in any environment, including household surveys and the use of community members as surveyors to gather such information.


SMMMS is well equipped to undertake policy-related research in the fi elds of basic service delivery, housing and development planning. We are able to employ research techniques such as surveys, focus groups, interviews and case studies. One of the most signifi cant research studies undertaken by SMMMS concentrated on a major current issue in South Africa: the failure of local government and service providers to recover their costs in relation to water and infrastructure provision


Our staff are well placed to undertake a range of technical projects and programme evaluations in Africa and other regions. We can provide experts in social, economic, fi nancial, business process and institutional issues. We are conversant with the programme approaches of several donor agencies, including USAID, Danida and the European Union. Our staff have undertaken numerous evaluations of local government, water services, environmental and other development projects in Southern Africa.


SMMMS has established a unique service in bringing together organizations in the private, public and NGO sectors, which share similar interests and are keen to share experiences and the transfer and exchange of knowledge. SMMMS has conceptualized, arranged, organized and run numerous interactive tours from countries interested in South African experiences on behalf of donor agencies. These have covered issues such as service delivery, housing, municipal finance and public-private partnerships. Target audiences have included municipal managers, municipal treasurers and other government officials.

Condition Assessment

Sigodi Marah Martin Management Support (Pty) Ltd (as sub-consultant to LTE Consulting (Pty) Ltd) conducted the assessment of the state of municipal water and sanitation infrastructure in the ten District Municipalities (DM’s) of KZN on behalf of COGTA KZN.

Type of Services Provided

Professional assessment of infrastructure, concept level design for refurbishment works and systems analysis of water supply and sanitation systems across the province of KZN.

Size and Capacity of Works

Portable Water Treatment:

Daily Production in Ml/d
Various – condition and functionality assessment of 219 Water Treatment Works
across the province of KZN

Wastewater Treatment:

Annual Dry Weather Flow (AADWF)
Various – condition and functionality assessment of 122 Wastewater Treatment
Works across the province of KZN

Pumping Stations:

Design Capacity (Ml/d)
Duty Cycle (h/d)
Pumping Head (m)
Rated Power (kVA)

Various – condition and functionality assessment of 912 Water and Wastewater
Pump stations across the province of KZN

Bulk Pipelines:

Various – 1000’s of kilometres of pipelines assessed across the province of KZN


Various – condition and functionality assessment of 3170 Water and Retaining
Structures across the province of KZN