Through its associated company SMMMS Architects, we offer architectural services that ensure original, innovative and relevant designs. We specialise in projects that involve community participation and clients and require the utilisation of local resources in production and procurement.

Design Process

Our design process is undertaken in a consultative manner, which allows the client and where appropriate other end-users to have input at all stages of the process. For example, client consultation in our Cyferkull project in the Northwest Province of South Africa took place through a locally constituted committee of future users. Through effective consultation processes with this committee, the design brief was able to incorporate substantial inputs from the Committee, which was reflected in the final brief.

We also emphasise the need to design solutions that both reflect and respect the landscape and environmental considerations. We aim to use local materials where possible: for example, a residential project in Nairobi used roof tiles made by women from a nearby informal settlement. Local stone was also used for walling material. This was cut to size on-site and generated a significant number of jobs for local people and also contributed to local skills development.

Project Experience – Architecture

  • Eastern District Council, North West Province, Cyferkuil: Design and construction of small business and community centre.
  • Kei District Council Mqanduli Rural Council: Design and construction of refreshment station (small business and shopping centre).
  • Port St John’s Municipal Council: Isinuka Sulpher Springs: Sketch designs and Business Plan.
  • OR Tambo Municipal Council: Mjelweni Junior Secondary School.
  • Mr and Mrs F Daykin: Private residence, Nairobi, Kenya.
  • Mrs N Danby: Private residence, Johannesburg.