Building & Housing

Housing is a specialized and critical area of development, which requires a cross-sectoral and interdisciplinary approach. It has become increasingly clear that one of the obstacles in housing delivery is insuffi cient appreciation of the complexity of the housing environment and the need for policies that make the most cost-effective and innovative use of the recourses and capabilities of all stakeholders involved. SMMMS recognizes this need and is well-equipped to address them in its approach to an extensive range of housing projects.


SMMMS has been involved with the development of housing and sustainable human settlement policies at the National, Provincial and Local levels. SMMMS has also conducted evaluations of national housing programs including the Human Settlement Redevelopment Programme. Informal settlement upgrading policy and strategy has enjoyed considerable attention by SMMMS and in particular the use of remote sensing technology to monitor and intercept informal settlement
patterns and trends.

Housing Finance

SMMMS has a wide range of experience in facilitating appropriate fi nancial arrangements for low-income earners. This includes making the necessary linkages with savings groups, banks, employers and insurance companies and structuring arrangements suitable for the needs of the poor and disadvantaged to be met.

Community Involvement

SMMMS specializes in ensuring community involvement in housing projects. We recognize it is critical to the process of housing development and believe that communities should be shown respect in terms of giving them effective control over both projects and their outcomes. This can best be achieved cost-effectively when managed skillfully. SMMMS has considerable experience with the People’s Housing Process mode of delivery in this regard.

Planning & Design

SMMMS’s housing specialists have many years of experience in designing successful housing layouts that are cost-effective and attractive. However, design cannot be conducted in isolation from key stakeholders and end-users. SMMMS has specialised in involving the benefi ciaries of projects in a meaningful way through community action planning so that they are effectively empowered to make informed decisions regarding the cost implications of a project.

Project Management

  • Large-scale residential and building contracts for the mining and industrial sectors
  • Corporate and private/public sector housing developments
  • Low-cost and affordable housing schemes


  • Public buildings and infrastructure
  • Residential complexes
  • Educational buildings.
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Retail developments
  • Refurbishments and renovations

Building & Housing Project Experience

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  • World Bank: Study of Peri-urban settlements in Swaziland. A study of over 40 informal settlements and detailed proposals for upgrading 5 (with PADCO), 2003.
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  • Spoornet: Strategy for the management of informal settlements on Spoornet land.
  • Sigodi Marah Martin: Housing Model. A comprehensive model which permits rapid and accurate estimates of housing costs for use in community situations, South Africa.
  • Teka Thako Housing: Upgrading of housing for White River municipality, South Africa.
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