Geographical Information Systems (GIS)

The GIS Unit Provides geographical information support to all Sigodi Marah Martin internal and external projects. The Unit aims to be the preferred geographical information solutions provider which advises Local, Provincial and National governments and the Private Sector on the efficient application/use of geographical information systems.

GIS Design, Management and Implementation

The optimal benefits of investment in GIS technology, for many, have not been realized. SMMS has the expertise required for the successful design, management and implementation of GIS in the Government and the Private Sector.

Spatial Data Capturing, Cleaning and editing

The GIS Unit has intensively been involved in projects that require the capturing, cleaning and editing of spatial data. Of note is the Department of Water Affairs’ Water Sustainability Audit in O.R Tambo District Municipality where SMMMS was responsible for the capturing and processing of water service infrastructure data. This project involved establishing the geographical coordinates of all taps, manholes, boreholes, valves and similar items within the district, and then mapping the results. This enabled the Municipality to have a clearer picture of the current state of water services infrastructure, the areas where rural communities do not have access to potable water and how much it would cost to service the communities.

Other projects include the Mkambati, Ibika, Mvenyane and Mankosi Rural Water Supply projects in the Eastern Cape. In these projects, the GIS Unit was tasked with the preparation of locality maps, the mapping of proposed water supply schemes, the identification of ears suitable for the location of reservoirs, boreholes and other water service infrastructure and the determination of the construction costs of implementing these projects.

Geographical Information Research

SMMMS GIS team comprises highly innovative and motivated staff with strong academic research capabilities and a proven track record in conducting fascinating independent geographical information research. The GIS team has conducted a number of GIS studies for the Daily Dispatch Newspaper in the Eastern Cape and has contributed to a number of renowned GIS conferences in South Africa where geographical research, primarily relevant to shedding light on the spatial distribution and the management of problems such as HIV/AIDS and Crime was presented. In 2008, the GIS team produced ground-breaking work on how GIS can successfully be implemented in Local Governments in South Africa.

Geographical Information Systems Project Experience

  • OR Tambo District Municipality, Eastern Cape Province: Mvenyane Water Supply:
    The preparation of Locality maps, mapping of proposed water supply schemes and socio-demographic characteristics of villages to be served, identifi cation of areas suitable for the location of reservoirs and boreholes and other water service infrastructure, determination of the construction cost of implementing the project.
  • Daily Dispatch Newspapers, Eastern Cape Province: Newspaper Distribution mapping:
    The mapping of address locations of Daily Dispatch subscribers and spatial analysis of Newspaper Market Penetration in Buffalo City Municipality.
  • Daily Dispatch Newspapers, Eastern Cape Province: Development Change Mapping:
    A spatial analysis of business and residential subdivision and rezoning developments in East London from 1999 - 2006.
  • Daily Dispatch Newspapers, Eastern Cape Province: Crime Mapping and analysis:
    Spatial-temporal and morphological analysis of criminal activity in the Greater East London Police Ward Area in 2007.
  • Daily Dispatch Newspapers, Eastern Cape Province: The Big Five Townships: A comparative spatial-demographic analysis of Soweto, Khayelitsha, Motherwell, Umlazi and Mdantsane townships.
  • OR Tambo District Municipality, Eastern Cape Province: Water Sustainability Audit: The capturing (mapping) and processing (cleaning, editing, spatial manipulation) of water services infrastructure (pipes, boreholes, abstraction points etc.) and water scheme boundaries in O.R Tambo District Municipality.